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Hello from the Dog House

Hello from the dog house.
It’s been a crazy week around
this joint. The humans have
stopped giving me attention
and the cats are driving me
I was out chasing birds the
other day and I got lucky and
caught a small pheasant. I
brought it home and was laying
in one of my holes under the
tree in the yard I was about
ready to enjoy my feast. Then
one of the little kittens (the
one called Snoopy) decided he
wanted to see what was going
on. This cat has no manners.
I thought when I rescued them
as babies I was doing a good
thing, but I’m having second
thoughts. Snoopy wants to
be my buddy. He follows me
everywhere. Personally, I think
he should have been called
Shadow. But you know no one
asks my opinion.
Anyway, Snoopy curled up
right below my head and was
in my road. He kept reaching
out trying to help me with the
bird, so I had to get up, move
the bird and myself to another
hole. Then Snoopy tried to
steal the bird from me. But I
was able to grab it and quickly
move it closer to me. I probably
should have just let the darn
cat have it because he thought
I was trying to play with him.
I have never understood why
cats catch things and then
play with them. I catch a bird,
I intend on eating it. I guess the
humans need to teach the cats
you don’t play with your food.
Snoopy ended up laying on my
back and I couldn’t really enjoy
my catch. Finally I just gave
up and left. Snoopy took my
pheasant over to the other cats
where they proceeded to play
with it. And what a waste. After
they were done playing with it
they just left it laying there in
the driveway.
Snoopy pretty much follows
me everywhere, when I am at
my dinner bowl Snoopy likes
to be there too. He’s an awful
nuisance, first he rubs against
my legs, and then he’ll lick me
and is always trying and give
me a bath. Have you ever tried
to share your dinner bowl with

a cat? I mean really, do I eat
first or do I let him eat first – is
it proper to just eat out of the
same bowl at the same time?
Well that’s what we are doing,
and I guess if he doesn’t mind,
I don’t mind.
I tried to go further down
the driveway and dig a new
hole under a different tree, to
get away from the cats, but
Snoopy followed me. I was
afraid he was to far from home
so when the humans came
outside I barked at them then
picked up Snoopy and carried
him back up the drive and
gave him to them. I think I

have done enough free cat sit-
ting this week. And you know

what? They haven’t given me
any treats in almost two weeks,
and they have even gotten my
name right and been calling me
Bogart. I’m not sure if that’s a
good thing or not. It was more
fun when they were saying No
Bogart and chasing me. I guess
I’ll have to see what I can do to
fix that this week.
If your humans have cats,

you can help them avoid hav-
ing to call Bogarts Baby Birth-
ing services if you get them

in to Twin Forks Clinic this
month. They have a spay and
neuter special going on right

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