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Hot Dogs and Dieting

Dear Bogart,
These cats!! All you were trying to do is bring comfort to
that cat while she was having kittens. I think that you were
doing your best. I am concerned though about the number of
kittens at your house. I am thinking that some DNA testing is
in order and that some male cats out there better be prepared
to pay some support for their care and well being. I think that
a trip to the clinic for some neutering is in order for the cat at
your house.
Well….I had my day at the scale at the clinic. It wasn’t pretty.
I have gained back the five pounds that I lost. Now my ration
of low-cal dog food is being reduced. Gosh! A hot dog sounds
really good to me, actually anything sounds really good to me
right now. But on the plus side, I am being walked more.
What are you going to do with all of those kittens?
~Woof, Lucy

Dear Lucy,
How did you gain back five pounds? It’s so hard to lose weight.
Did your human put their foot on the scale while you were
weighing in? Maybe they are wanting more walks themselves?
Our housecat is on low cal rations too. That cat is spoiled and
doesn’t do anything. He could have stepped up and helped with
the babies but the outdoor cats think he’s stuck up so they
won’t have anything to do with him.
I’m thinking about entering my babies in the parade. Maybe
there will be some people there that would want to take one or
two of them home. My humans have them litter box trained so
that’s a plus. They first batch of kittens have gotten brave and
are really playful now. They think I am a jungle gym and I have
to try and hold my tail still when I’m laying on the ground or
they attack it.
My humans have put another big pile of dirt in the yard. I dug
two holes at the top of the pile. I got in trouble for it, because
I guess the plants that were up there were there for a reason.
I also rearranged the water hoses while I was up there and it’s
working out great for me. I am high enough I can keep an eye
on the kittens playing, and I can see down the driveway. I made
my holes so deep that the water and plants keep me cool. If I
hear “No Bogart” one more time, I’m going to figure out a way
to tell these humans that Huskies aren’t big fans of Nebraska’s
July weather.
They still aren’t letting me see the new born babies. Everyones
kind of crabby about that cat, she hasn’t moved them yet and
is controlling the entire patio and all of the furniture. I’m pretty
sure I could find them a better place.
Maybe I’ll see you at the parade. I guess it just depends on if
I can get my kids to go with me. I’m hoping to ride up front in the air conditioning.

Signed, Your friend, My name is BOGART

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