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Rowling to Raise Money to Help Provide Thanksgiving Dinners

     For the last several years some Benkelman businesses have partnered together in a fundraiser to provide Thanksgiving meals for area people who may otherwise not able to afford. The event was called the “Turkey Trot” and it involved a participants running or walking a specific distance in and around Benkelman.
     This year the organizers have decided to try something new and move the event indoors. “On Nov. 23 we will ‘rowl’ instead of the ‘Turkey Trot’”, said Nic Leiting, the operator of the Weight Buffet fitness center in Benkelman.
     The Benkelman Pharmacy, and Grace’s Market are coordinating the boxing of the meals and the Weight Buffet is handling the event activity of “Rowling”.
     Rowling is a combination of the sport of bowling and using a rowing machine at the fitness center. The object of the game is to row as close to 100meters as possible on the machines. For each meter you are away from 100 meters, you are penalized a point, with a goal of having the lowest point total in ten frames.
     Participants will have two-person teams in a double elimination format tournament.
     People who have taken fitness classes at the Weight Buffet are familiar with “Rowling”. The event is open to everyone and all are encouraged to participate.
     It is a fun and very low impact activity. Even if you haven’t worked out, it will be fun and very easy on your body, even more so then jogging or running. It is as easy as walking and it is inside.
     It is a great activity as a kindergartner can team up with a grandparent.
     There will also be football games on TV, other activities to play, and refreshments and snacks available.
     The event will start at 10AM on Saturday, Nov. 23. There is a $25 registration fee that all goes to providing a Thanksgiving Dinner to a family in need. Youth 14 and under only need to have a canned food item to participate.
     The owners of Grace Market are providing the food for the Thanksgiving meals at cost. Checks can be written out to the Benkelman Pharmacy.

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