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Fun at The Zorn; ‘Frozen 2’ a Huge Hit

Who says you need to be a grown up to get dressed up and go out to the movies on the weekend?! The Zorn Theatre hosted a house full Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, when the Disney Movie Frozen 2 was played. The theatre hosted 185 movie goers over the weekend.
In true Disney fashion, there were princesses and amazing music and even a snowman that was full of character and charm.
Little girls were dressed up in everything from their princess dresses to princess shoes and even princess blankets and baby dolls were seen.
Melissa Jacobitz and M&C Bake Shop, helped host the fun weekend of activities and fun during the movie. She made cookies, provided the photo back drop and fun Frozen themed activities for the children to do before and after the movie. Word on the street is Olaf might be staying with the Jacobitz family this winter after he was done greeting the movie goers. Theatre Manager, Lindsay Stamm thanked Melissa for the fun activities
The Zorn celebrated it’s 90th birthday last year, and is a wonderful community asset that has been bringing delight to families for years. This fall, a once a month Sunday Matinee has been implemented and in an effort to keep the Zorn special for another 90 years, plans to renovate the marquee are currently being made. If you would like to help defray some of the cost of the Marquee refurbishment, please contact Amy at the Benkelman Post for more information. Donations can be made through the Community Foundation.

Do you want to Build a Snowman? Little Bryndle Behlke, 3, and her baby doll were delighted to find Olaf the snowman had made his way to the Zorn Movie Theatre. Bryndle is the daughter of Nathan and Allie Behlke and the granddaughter of Ted and Maureen Behlke and the Deb and Alan Kenning of Hebron.

Lynzie Rose Clements, 3, puts her arm around her friend Mae Strand, almost 3, after the movie. The little Princesses were lucky enough to be able to go up on the stage at the Zorn to take their picture. Lynzie is 3 and the daughter of Mike and Amber Clements of Benkelman. Mike is the Pastor of the Trinity Baptist Church. Mae is the daughter of Paige and James Strand and the granddaughter of Ray and Deb Stute of Haigler and Mick and Gina Strand of Wauneta.

In addition to the movie, there were fun activities for the children and parents in which to participate. Thea Baney, 3, is pictured standing in front of a Frozen photo back drop where children could get their pictures taken. If you don’t fully recognize Thea it’s because she is wearing a mask to make her look like the main character “Elsa” in the movie. Thea is the daughter of Nick and Shelby Baney and granddaughter of Randy and Susie Baney and Johnny and Kelly Ohrman of Colby, KS.

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