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Anderson shot early Tuesday Morning

Ace Anderson was shot early Tuesday morning by law enforcement. This is not Ace’s first run in with the law.
In 2015, Ace was convicted of assault on an Officer in the Third Degree. This was a Class IIIa Felony. Ace was sentenced in District Court on February 5, 2015 to the custody of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services for a period of not less that 20 months nor more than 60 months. Anderson was granted credit for time already served of 148 days.
     Court records indicate that on September 11, 2014 the sheriff’s department had been called to the home of David Anderson where Ace Anderson was attempting to harm himself. Ace was handcuffed and taken to the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Leggot arrived and it was decided to keep Ace overnight for observation as a safe keeper. Ace did not obey commands and Sheriff Leggot got into a physical confrontation with Anderson. Leggot gave commands for Ace to drop the pen, and he dropped a blue pen onto the floor but continued to struggle with the deputy and Sheriff, while the deputy was placing restraints on Anderson, Leggot removed a broken piece of a gold ink pen from Anderson’s hand. Sheriff Leggot was bleeding from his face, elbow and hand. While trying to get the blue ink pen away from Anderson, Leggot was stabbed in the face by Anderson who had used a gold ink pen.
     After Anderson was released from incarceration in 2019, he came back to Trenton. And more trouble was on the horizon for Anderson.
County Court documents reflect that on the 28th of October, 2019 Ace was charged with knowingly and intentionally disturbing the peace of any person, family or neighborhood to wit: David and Carol Wimer, Trenton, constituting a Class III Misdemeanor.
     Anderson was found guilty and was ordered to pay a fine of $150.00 and court costs.
     Then early Tuesday morning of this week, cops were once again called to help with Anderson.
     According to court documents Anderson is being charged with knowingly and intentionally possessing a deadly weapon, to wit: a firearm, and who has previously been convicted of a felony in any court of the United States, constituting a Class ID Felony.
     County Attorney Gene Garner has filed an affidavit for an arrest warrant to be issued for Anderson based on an affidavit in support of Arrest Warrant filed by Thomas Jones.
     In Jones’ affidavit, he states that on or about February 11, 2020 at 1:10 a.m. he was notified by the Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher that they had received a 911 call from an individual who identified herself as Amy Hoft, who informed the dispatcher that Ace Anderson was shooting a ’38 gun’ firearm in her yard. In addition, Deputy Sheriff, Ryan King was notified of the call and was requested to provide back up for Jones.
     Jones affidavit states that they arrived at the address of the 911 call location in Trenton and they searched the immediate area and failed to make contact with any subject with a firearm. Jones also met with the home owner who was identified as Jody Sramek and his girlfriend Amy Hoft. Sramek and Hoft informed Jones that Ace Anderson had come over to their place of residence and was drinking beer, and that he had a purple in color, semi-Automatic handgun in his possession. They informed Jones that Anderson was asked to leave the residence and that he had walked outside and had fired the handgun near the southeast corner of their detached garage which initiated the 911 call by Hoft.
Jones walked to his patrol vehicle to retrieve voluntary statement forms to give to Sramek and Hoft to fill out in reference to their interaction with Anderson and Amy Hoft’s 911 call. As Jones was walking back to the residence, he observed who he believed to be Ace Anderson walking in front of the detached garaged . That, based upon the earlier 911 call of a man with a gun, Jones yelled at Ace Anderson to get down on the ground, and Jones said he heard Deputy King yell, Sheriff’s Office, get on the ground.
     According the affidavit, Jones observed Anderson who was holding two beer cans, shift the beer cans into the cradle of his left arm and reach into his right coat pocket with his right hand. Again Jones yelled for Anderson to get on the ground. Jones then observed Anderson pull a pistol from his coat pocket and fully extend his right arm and aim the pistol towards Deputy King. Jones yelled “gun” and then discharged his duty weapon and moved away from the line of sight of Anderson.
     Jones then approached Anderson who was lying on the ground near the steps of the residence and exposed his gunshot wound. Jones started first aid and Deputy King notified dispatch that an ambulance was needed at the Sramek residence. Jones was informed by King that the purple in color, pistol was lying on the ground near the bottom porch step where Anderson was laying. The slide to the gun was open and bullets were still in the magazine of the gun.
     Anderson was transported to McCook Community Hospital by Ambulance.
     According to The Nebraska State Patrol they are investigating the incident in Trenton that included an officer-involved shooting. The incident occurred early Tuesday morning in Trenton.
     The State Patrol states that Emergency medical personnel from Trenton and Culbertson arrived on scene and transported the subject to McCook Community Hospital. He was then flown to Bryan Health West Campus in Lincoln for further treatment. His condition was stable as of 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning.
     The Hitchcock County Sheriff’s Office has requested the Nebraska State Patrol conduct the investigation into the officer-involved shooting.
     No law enforcement personnel were injured in this incident.


  1. Tom Piernicky on February 13, 2020 at 2:27 pm

    Should never see the light of day again, due to mental instability

  2. Kevin on February 17, 2020 at 7:45 am

    Good ol trenton

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