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Community and School Staff Give Input in Superintendent Search

     One of the most important responsibilities of any school district board of education involves the hiring and employment of the superintendent of schools. The Dundy County Stratton Board of Education is in the middle of hiring a new superintendent for the next school year.
     The board has retained the Nebraska Association of School Boards Search Service (NASB) to help in the process to find the new superintendent. The board is paying the NASB Search Service $6,000, plus mileage and expenses.
     Shari Becker, NASB Director of Search Service, and NASB Search Service Staff member Anne Silknitter, met with DCS school staff, students and school district patrons in Stratton and Benkelman for input sessions regarding the superintendent search on Monday. The NASB staff then met with the DCS Board of Education for a work session on Monday evening.
     Becker told the board that a crowd of 13 local residents attended the community input session held in Stratton and 8 local residents attended the community input session held in Benkelman. She said those who attended the community input sessions were pleased to have the opportunity to be engaged in the process. A general consensus of the Stratton residents was that there is a concern that the elementary school in the community will close and the school board of education needs to be following the merger agreement and it should be reviewed. They want the board of education to know that Stratton is important to the school district. Becker told the board that it was a very good crowd in Stratton and it was a good idea to have the community input session there. She said it was not a big crowd in Benkelman and the people expressed that they want someone who will listen to their concerns, will be open with community members and that they felt there was a need for change.
     The NASB staff said there is still an opportunity for people to get involved and give input on the school’s search for a new superintendent. People may submit personal comments by accessing the online form at or on the school’s website. The form will be available on the website through Friday. A copy of this form is available at the Dundy County Stratton Superintendent’s Office. Email your response to the questions to: Fax: 402.858.4604. US Postal mail: Nebraska Association of School Boards. Attn: Dundy County Stratton Supt Search. 1311 Stockwell Street. Lincoln, NE 68502. Please feel free to share your comments to the following questions:
1.What are the strengths and achievements of the Dundy County Stratton school district and communities?
2. What critical issues will the district face in the next three years?
3. What background/training/experience should the new superintendent possess?
4. What leadership style/personal attributes are important in the new superintendent?
      The DCS School Board is taking applications for the superintendent position until Monday, February 24. Becker told the board that as of Monday, there are three applicants for the position, but typically the number of applications grow in the last days before the deadline.

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