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DCS School Update by Superintendent Jim Kent.

I want to provide some more information about the status of the school district and out students during this time of uncertainty. I will leave any instruction about the coronavirus itself to the experts.



We are trying to provide a ‘continuity of learning’ for our students. That broad term looks different for each teacher, each grade level, each subject and each teacher. We are experimenting. Education in this country had the same basic look for a lot of years, after this it might look a lot different and we can make that a positive for all involved.


We are making an effort to expand what we are doing with students as time goes by. As we all get a little more comfortable with the situation we want to push forward, try new things, experiment. The teachers are very interested in how their current plan with students is going and how they can adapt to make it more meaningful.


If you are in a household that does not have internet service, please contact the school. BWTelcom and others have graciously agreed to provide internet for those who do not currently have it. Internet access will be a key component of what we are doing as we move forward.


Food service:

The ‘grab and go’ lunch is going very well so far, the number of meals served daily has exceeded our expectations and caused us to amend our applications to the state. That is a great thing and we hope it continues. We are currently serving in Stratton and Benkelman and today was our first day of delivery to Haigler. We are considering a delivery location north and west of Benkelman based on a group of families that live fairly close to that location. If you live in that area and are interested, please contact the office.



Spring events:

To say that the normal spring events are in jeopardy would be an understatement. We need to begin to think about that as a very real possibility. Although I am not ready to throw in the towel, we have to prepare for that as a possibility. Based on recents statements by the Commissioner of Education our likelihood of returning to school this year is not a certainty.



As we move forward, we will be making changes almost constantly and I hope everyone can bear with us on that. Our goal is to provide our students with access to learning, to meet each of their needs and to provide all that in a way that is safe for everyone.


Our essential employees are still working, but we are practicing physical distancing and we will be screening them before they come to work. The teachers are currently working from 8-12 Monday through Thursday from their rooms in the buildings. Please contact them at that time. As we all know, they are doing plenty of preparing at other times as well.

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