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Benkelman Cruise Night Morale Booster

Let’s Cruise!
Grab your kids, pile them in the minivan, get in your classic, wash the mud off your truck – or not, and let’s cruise main!
The Benkelman Chamber of Commerce invites the community to get out and join them cruising Main Street on Saturday night.
The Cruise Night will be Saturday, March 28, from 7-9.
Social Distancing is fierce, yet necessary!
Let’s get together and boost the morale of the community. We will maintain a safe distance and yet be able to see each other, yell from car to car, play some good music, and honk the horn.
You can help out your local restaurants and eat in the car!
Invite your friends. Use common sense, relax and have some fun!
This event has received a nod of approval from Sheriff Nichols and the City of Benkelman Mayor and Hospital CEO Rita Jones.

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