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Young Trenton Couple Return to Open Business Focused on Helping People Get Healthy

     Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is a life long battle that many people face. It’s a challenge to not only lose the weight, but then to also maintain the weight loss and not regain it more and back. It can be especially difficult trying to do it yourself and often times having someone you can trust to help you, not judge you and make you feel accountable, makes all the difference.

     A young Trenton couple has been doing that very thing for almost a year with their business in McCook. They are helping provide change in lives through nutrition, exercise, and with heathy shakes and energy boosting teas. Josh and Lynda (Kohlmeier) Redden say they love being back in their hometown of Trenton and they have a child going to school at the Hitchcock County Elementary School in Culbertson.

     Josh and Lynda opened “The Hub” at 220 West First Street in McCook last October. It’s directly across the street from the MNB Insurance store in the former Movie House store. When you walk into the renovated building, it feels like a welcoming little coffee house with tables to sit around and a counter to order their healthy shakes and calorie burning and energy boosting teas. It’s a great place to hangout with friends and use their wireless internet, but that’s not the real focus of the business. That’s just a perk.

     Josh graduated from the high school in Trenton in 1999 and Lynda in 2001, so they knew each other. Josh said it was later in life that they started dating and getting married 15 years ago. Josh said after high school they were in Arkansas, Lynda was going to college and he joined the military. “We were then stationed in upstate New York with the Army for quite a few years. After the Army, moved to Oklahoma City and Lynda was working as a Vet Tech Assistant and I was working on an Air Force base as a mechanic, and then we got involved with this company to helping people lose weight.

     The company is Herbalife Nutrition, and Josh says they started using the products before they turned it into their career. He said, they had tried and put a lot of money into many other healthy lifestyle products before finding Herbalife. He said they really liked what the products did for them, so they decided to open a nutrition club in Oklahoma City four years ago. They also built a “boot camp” studio with the business there and they were helping people lose weight and get more active. They then decided it was time to return to southwest Nebraska. “It was just an opportunity to come back home,” said Josh. “We knew that we could do some good here in the area, and just getting people on the nutrition program and watching it happen over the last year.” They opened on October 5, 2019.

     Josh and Lynda said it has gone very well over the last year and they are continuing to grow with new people joining. They are already planning to open a new store front in North Platte and have a goal of having a total of 15 clubs in Nebraska in the future. Josh says Herbalife Nutrition is the #1 nutritional company in the world and they, “help people get healthier and happier all the time”. “There is a great business opportunity with it, but the main thing is helping people lose weight and get healthy,” he explained. “Here, we have already made a pretty big impact, people that are 10 to 60 pounds down this year, it’s going really good.” Some of the people they have helped include local radio personalities Jesse Stevens and Josh Keenportz.

     They utilize the Herbalife healthy shakes and calorie burning and energy boosting teas, that are not only effective but also taste great. You can buy those by the individual serving at the business as a walk in, but the real help comes when you become a regular member. Josh said people can pay $118 and you get 30 of the meal replacement shakes and teas and you can take mixes home. You use water and ice to make them with a shaker bottle or blender. With that you also get a health-coach to help you with every aspect of getting healthy and losing weight. They will help with developing your lifestyle goals, losing weight, gaining muscle, or both, They will then help you develop a nutritional and exercise plan to help meet those goals. They will help with meal planning and what to cook and buy at the grocery store. They will take measurements of your body, before photos if you want, and have a weigh in. They will then help you do that at their store or at home and weekly on a regular basis so you can see the changes. “You get a coach who is following up with you, what did you eat for your snacks, did you drink all your water, literally engaging with these customers on a personal level and then focusing on that result.” They also do 21-day challenges every month to help inspire people and get focused on their goals. Josh said the new stores will be operated by their coaches from other stores and they will all follow the same plan.

     “We put a positive and energetic club in the middle of McCook and people are coming in to get the energy going or working on a program to start doing the products at home,” he said. “We have people all around the area that are using our shakes and teas at home.” The Hub is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm, Saturday from 9am to 2pm, and on Sunday 10am to 2pm. For more information call 308-777-2078

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