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With All Permitting in Place Blackshirt Feeders Ready to Start Construction of New Feedlot

     The construction of Nebraska’s largest feedlot, located in western Dundy County, will begin this spring. 

     Blackshirt Feeders LP and Settje Agri-Sevices and Engineering has announced that they have obtained all the necessary county, state, and federal permits needed for the the construction of the proposed 150,000 head feedlot north of Haigler along the Nebraska/Colorado State Line.      

       Blackshirt Feeders Settje Agri-Services  have also confirmed plans for the first four phases of construction of the state-of-the-art  beef cattle feedlot

      Blackshirt Feeders LP partners and the team from Settje Agri-Services & Engineering (Construction Manager for the project) recently met for a two-day strategic planning and implementation summit. Together, the group held in-depth discussions exploring the best and most logical paths for the organization and execution of future construction on the feedlot. In an effort to provide surrounding communities and concerned parties with as much transparency as possible, the following is the approved initial phase-in plan for the Blackshirt Feeders feedlot facility:

Phase 1: Spring 2023
Construction of all necessary infrastructure for the feedlot facility
Roads, gas and electrical lines, well field and pipeline, feed mill, maintenance shops and related infrastructure

Phase 2: Spring 2024
Installation of first sub-phases of pens, processing barns, etc. to support 50,000 head of cattle occupancy by September 1, 2024

The balance of phases 3 and 4 are expected to be constructed in 2025 and 2026, with each phase adding an additional 50,000 head of cattle. As presented and discussed in previous Dundy County hearings, the biodigester portion of this project will be implemented at a later time, when there are a sufficient number of cattle in the feedlot to provide organic matter required to operate the digesters.

     As mentioned in prior Dundy County hearings, the Blackshirt Feeders and Settje team will prioritize the utilization of local subcontractors and providers of materials and services.

     Anyone interested in providing construction related services or materials should email


Blackshirt Feeder LP partners and team members from Settje Agri-Services recently convened in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada at the Feedlot Health by TELUS Agriculture and Consumer Goods office for a two-day strategic planning and implementation summit.

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