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Recall Petitions Filed Against Two Trenton Village Board Members

Following a year and half of contentious issues, including the closure of the El Dorado Nursing home, and the letting go of former Village Clerk Wendy Frakes McKain, two Village of Trenton Board Members, Cindy Borges and Phil McDonald, now face recall petitions.
The recall petition has been filed by Richard Frakes of Trenton. Frakes ran for the Village Board in 2022, and is the father of Wendy McKain. In the 2022 election Borges received 115 votes, McDonald 96, Frakes 65, Adam Wright (Write In) 48 and Justin Heffner 44.
After the closure of The El Dorado Manor, Board Members Tommy Lewis and Dave Wimer resigned. Dave Swanson has been placed on the board to replace Dave Wimer, but Tommy Lewis’s seat remains unfilled.
It is estimated that the cost of a recall election to the Village of Trenton will be about five thousand dollars.
The Recall Process
and Timeline Summary
The principal circulator (Richard Frakes) completes a Recall Petition Filing Form.
The elected officials Cindy Borges and Phil McDonald, have 20 days from official notification to submit a defense statement. McDonald has until January 4 and Borges has until January 8th.
After McDonald and Borges respond, the County Clerk/Election Commissioner, Margaret Pollmann has five business days to prepare recall petition pages.
Frakes will then have 20 days to pick up the petition pages from Pollmann and have 30 more days to gather petition signatures and submit completed pages.
Frakes will have to obtain a minimum of 52 verified voter signatures to move the petition forward to a vote. The reason that Frakes needs to get a minimum of 52 signatures is he needs 45 percent of the highest votes from the last village board election. Cindy Borges received 115 votes in that election.
County Clerk Staff will then have 15 business days to verify the signatures to determine if sufficient number of valid registered voter signatures have been gathered.
If not enough signatures are gathered, the election official, Pollmann, retains the petition; a new recall petition filing form can be submitted after that point.
If enough signatures are gathered, the elected official and the governing body (Village of Trenton) are officially notified.
The governing body must, within 21 days of being notified, order an election to occur on the first available date that complies with statute 32-405 and is at least 50 days after the filing clerk is notified.
Any election that an entity wants to be on the regular ballot in May has to be to Pollmann by March 1st. If it is not done by March 1st there is a black out period until July.
The elected official has the option to resign up to 24 days prior to the election. If the elected official does not resign, a special election is held.
If the recall election is successful (simple majority voting in favor of recall) the elected official is removed from office, the governing body would need to fill the vacancy created by the recall.
If the recall election is unsuccessful, no recall petition filing form can be submitted within 12 months of the recall.
If the recall is successful the political subdivision is then required to fill the vacated office. The elected official who was recalled cannot be appointed during the remainder of the vacated term. If there are vacancies in the offices of a majority of more of the members of any governing body at one time due to the recall of such members, a special election to fill such vacancies shall be conducted by the Election Commissioner, or Secretary of State as quickly as possible. Unless good cause is shown, all vacancies shall be filled within forty five days after the vacancy occurs.
Statements from Frake’s petition and Borges’ and McDonald’’s responses will be printed in next week’s newspaper.

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