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Culbertson Couple Open Mobile Clothing Boutique

     “Thinking outside of the box”, is a popular saying for business entrepreneurs. Culbertson business entrepreneurs Dan and Casha O’Byrne, not only thought outside of the box for a new business venture, they put the box on wheels and take it from town to town. Dan and Casha recently started their new business called, Impact Closet Boutique. It is a mobile shopping experience. Their first pop up store opening was September 1.

     Casha said she and her husband saw there was a need for boutiques that offered not only sizes for smaller sizes, but focused also on a variety of styles and sizes for curvy women. “Some boutiques only go to extra large sizes, and that doesn’t meet everyones needs,” she said. “I thought it is so tough to find clothing like that, so I thought I am just going to start a boutique myself and offer something like that.”

      They initially thought to set the business up in McCook, but couldn’t find the right location for what they wanted to do. Casha said she has hosted Premier Designs Jewelry shows for the last 15-years and met a lot women in different communities. She said she didn’t want those women to be inconvenienced to come find her and her boutique location and that’s when they came up with the idea to making the clothing store mobile. “We can go see them at their home, like I have been doing for many years,” she said. “We will be able to pull right up to someones home , open up the ramp, unhook it form the pickup, and we will be ready to go and start shopping.”

     They special ordered the trailer to be a little taller and the length that they wanted. “We didn’t want women to feel like they were in a little cave when they shopped,” she said. “When they come into the shop we want them to feel like they were in a real store.” They got the trailer last March and had the graphic wrap put on the trailer in Lincoln. Dan and Casha did all the work on the inside of the trailer, changing it from a normal enclosed trailer to a mobile boutique complete with clothing racks, a changing room and a checkout area. Casha said most boutiques only have a curtain for privacy in the changing room, but they built a really nice dressing room that offers more privacy and space. People enter through the large double glass doors on the front of the trailer and have a large selection of clothing to browse through in the inside. Casha and her mom, Gladys Brockway,  help the customers. Dan is the clerk and checks people out. Dan also drives the truck. Casha says he also tells women when they look good. “I try not to be negative,” said Dan.

     The mobile boutique offers some other advantages. They don’t have to pay rent or utilities for a traditional store front location. Those types of boutiques are also open on regular business hours, and Casha says those hours don’t work for a lot of women who are working. “We will come in and set up for an hour or an hour-and-a-half in front of someones home or in someones parking lot or outside of the hospital for nurses to shop in, we can just pretty much go any where with it.” They have every size from small to 3X and Casha has a clothing wholesaler license and buys the clothing from a company at wholesale prices. They have a large variety of styles to chose from. Dan and Casha said things have gone really well. Everything inside of the trailer traveled really well.

Dan and Casha O’Byrne with Casha’s mom Gladys Brockway in their Impact Closet Boutique mobile clothing store while in Culbertson last Saturday

There is no cost to have Casha and Dan bring the boutique to your home or business. “We just hope that they shop and that’s our benefit. For more information on Impact Closet Boutique go to their Facebook page or contact Casha at (308) 340-1420.

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  1. Phyllis Sola on October 1, 2020 at 9:40 am

    What a neat idea! Good luck to them.

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