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Boxing for the Senior Center

For wives who have been looking to box their husband’s ears in, here is your chance. On Saturday, the Weight Buffet Fitness Center is hosting a boxing fundraiser for the Dundy County Senior Center. The Dundy County Senior Center is continuing to provide meals to Dundy County seniors through the ongoing pandemic People can pick meals up at the front window or by delivery, but the dining room remains closed as COVID-19 cases climb in the county. Facility director Lori Hite, said during the weekly COVID-19 community conference call that the dining room will remain closed through the end of the year and into 2021. During normal years, it is a financial challange to keep the center open, but 2020 has been especially difficult. With the help of local donations and support, the lunch program, a hard working staff, and other funding, the center has been able to keep delivering meals. This weekend, the Senior Center’s neighboring business, The Weight Buffet fitness center, is hosting a unique boxing fund raising event for the facility. Nic Leiting, owner of The Weight Buffet says, it will be a fun event for anyone to enjoy participating in or watching. “It’s not professional, anybody can do it,” he said. “Any age can do it. Both genders can do it. If you have someone who you might think would be interested in doing it with you, you can ask them. If not, just show up.”  The indivual boxing activity will involve three, one-minite rounds. Leiting says there will be one-minute rounds and then one-minute of rest. “Three minutes is so fast, you are going to throw a few punches then the bell is going to ring,” he said. Nic is inviting people to just come and watch or to participate, with all of the money raised going to help the Dundy County Senior Center. He is asking for a $20 donation to compete or a $5 donation to spectate. He said there will be chairs, socially distanced apart, for people to watch the action. People will also be asked to take their temperature when they come into the facility. He said if you want to come, but can’t afford the cost, then he will make the donation for you. If you would like to make a larger donation to the Senior Center, you can do that too. He just hopes people will come and have fun for a good cause. To participate, Leiting says, you will have to wear gloves and shorts, and he can provide the gloves. He said he also has head gear for those who want it.

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