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New Tire and Service Shop Opens in Haigler

     With the construction of a the Blackshirt Feeders 150,000 head feedlot underway, it was just a matter of time before new businesses started popping up. One of, if not the first, just opened in Haigler about a month ago.

     Bush Tires and Service LLC hung out their shingle along Highway 34 on the west edge of town in late August. The business is owned by Brian and Korrie Bush.

     The Bush’s have owned the property for around eight years and have used it for Brian’s hay grinding business. Prior to the Bush’s using the property it had been used as a business location for many years. “When we got it, it was in rough shape,” she said about the front of the structure. “The ceiling was collapsing, the floor was terrible. It sat for so long and when we bought it we mainly used the show area and kind if just let this sit.”

     Korrie said their original plan was to have the building serve as an office for Brian’s hay grinding business and to primarily use the shop area in the back of structure. However, she said, they started thinking that maybe they should open some kind of store front. “So when Blackshirts decided to go out here northwest of town, we finally made the decision we have got to do something with it,” said Korrie. “We decided to do a tire shop and a convenance store/farm supply.

     We are trying to cover the basics for all the community needs.” They went to work repairing and remodeling the front of the business. They tore out walls, put in all new flooring and ceiling, and had done electrical work. The business offers new tire sales and repairs and general repair and service work. They can do tires and repair work on regular cars and pickups, semis, and farm tractors and trucks.

     The have a full time employee to handle that work. In the front of the store, Korrie said, they are continuing to add shelves with goods. They have snacks and drinks, including a cooler for pop and food. They also have a soda machine with ice. They have some farm supplies and are continuing to add more for customers.

     Their business hours are 8am to 5pm on Monday to Friday and 8am to noon on Saturday. They have an emergency number advertised on the window of the business in case after hour service is needed.

      Korrie said they are very excited to have the opportunity to join the Haigler business community and the first month in business has gone well with more customers coming in as word has spread about the new business. She said they hope Haigler and the local businesses continue to grow and prosper in the coming years ahead. Korrie and Brian invite people to stop by Bush Tire and Service LLC to see what they have to offer.

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